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“A leader energizes others, inspires a team to act and sparks their employees to perform.“ - Jack Welsh

The People Intelligence philosophy on leadership is simple – at the core of successful leadership is emotional intelligence and at the core or emotional intelligence is self-awareness. Without a solid foundation (self-awareness and self-management) a leader will struggle with building a structure (awareness of others and relationships) that directly impacts performance and results.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence has become one of the most sought after corporate training courses. EI is the ability to perceive, assess and manage your own and other's emotions. The more adept you become at recognizing and understanding emotional triggers in yourself and others the more constructive your interactions will be.

Unlike IQ and personality, emotional intelligence can be developed and improved throughout your lifetime. However, it requires practice on a daily basis, much like playing an instrument, speaking a foreign language or performing athletically.

Why emotional intelligence matter?

  • 83% of people high in self-awareness are top performers
  • EQ is twice as important as IQ for achieving life goals
  • People with average IQ's outperform and out-earn those with high IQ 70% of the time.

People Intelligence uses an approach based in science and honed over years of corporate experience to help people recognize their emotions and redirect them constructively. It's about identifying and finding out where the behaviors come from and then identifying alternate ways of expression. Once we understand why we do what we do, our ability to modify behavior will follow.

“People will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel” - Maya Angelou

What People Are Saying...

  • "This course has helped train my eye and my mind to see more emotions in others, and as a result, have more successful interactions with others when they are emotional.  I am more likely to notice things earlier, before escalation, when the potential to make better choices is stronger."

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  • "As a sport's coach, I am really grateful to all the trainers for providing me knowledge and competencies for my work. As a person, it was not just a pleasure, but a rich experience that helped me to know more about human emotions and also about mine. With this course I have been able to create tools that can help my players in a sportive and a personal way."

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  • "Maggie and Mike created a good safe zone for sharing and learning. Some of the content was highly sensitive and personal, but was comfortable and inspiring and informative because of the presenters’ level of expertise, guidance and insights."

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  • "Maggie and Mike were excellent at engaging. It’s material that I’ve been exposed to before, but never in a comprehensive manner. It has increased my awareness of how my emotional state and it’s physical manifestations affect my colleagues."

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