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Chief Analytics Officer
Large US Health Insurer

"Mike and Maggie of People Intell Institute are a powerful team in the ethos of executive coaching.  Their ability to identify leadership opportunities, provide real-world approaches and skills, while keeping both IQ and EQ in focus is second to none.  I highly recommend them for anyone looking to improve their executive leadership presence and career trajectory."

Regional Manager
Logistics and Supply Chain Company

“Through my coaching engagement with Mike and Maggie, I found my management identity.  I found my voice as a leader.  I intrinsically always knew the leader I wanted to be, but lacked the words to articulate it and the tools to follow through with it.  Through the engagement, I cultivated my voice – putting my leadership vision in to words and then in to action.  Not only have I become a more effective leader in my career, but in my community, as well.”  

Technical Business Development Manager
Multinational Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company

“A few years ago I came to the US as an expat where my role, the organization and the country were all new for me. While I was very eager to grow and learn, I experienced culture shock and was having issues adapting my behavior in such a new environment. It was a very stressful time for me both personally and professionally. I began working with Maggie from the People Intell Institute and she was able to teach me various techniques to increase my self-awareness. Maggie also created an open and trusting environment where I felt comfortable in sharing my experiences with her. This led to me being able to quickly progress in a positive direction and focus on regaining some of the control I felt that I had lost. I feel that Maggie showed excellent coaching skills and has provided me with a life-changing and positive experience.”

Senior Sales Manager
Large US Health Insurer

“I would strongly recommend People Intell Institute for their executive coaching program. The team of Mike Palestina and Maggie Pazian helped me think more deeply about how to improve a role I have held for many years. They applied best business practices to goals we developed together at the start of the program and effectively blended their personalities to be most effective. People Intell should be considered for any executive leadership training program!”

Global Head Biostatistics
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

“When I was transitioning into my role as the department head, I did not fully understand or appreciate what an executive coach might be able to do. Mike Palestina gave me a different perspective. Besides his knowledge about being an executive coach, Mike has extensive first-hand experience working in corporate America. That makes his advices practical and useful. One of his favorite topics is emotional intelligence and he is passionate about working with people. The advices I got from him were easy to apply in my daily work. In addition to working together systematically on several pre-defined objectives, we frequently discussed about challenges that I was facing during my transition period. Mike offered frank and practical advices on multiple challenges, including options to deal with difficult people, approaches to expand network with peers and senior leaders, and appropriate use of office politics to facilitate a good cause. Thanks to Mike, now I have become a believer in the benefits of having an executive coach.”


Sr. IT Project Manager
Academic Univeristy

"I looked to Maggie and Mike for a boost of insight, inspiration and candid critique in my pursuit of peak performance as a leader, and what a splendid team of coaches they have been! Complementing each other, they bring a sound understanding of both the internal and external worlds of an executive. They practice their craft masterfully, quickly transitioning from coaches to friends you can count on. I recommend them highly to anyone seeking executive coaching in pursuit of excellence."


Sr. Director Research IT
Pharmaceutical Company

"Prior to working with Mike and Maggie, when I thought of leadership and vision I was perpetually focused outward: external things, tangible deliverables and the building of my team’s skills and relationships. All of which are necessary elements but the obvious gap in hindsight was self-development. I was already self-aware and consciously thought of continuous improvement. However, there exists an interesting chasm between what one’s image of self is, and how self-aware we believe we are, versus the reality. The multitude of improvement opportunities a high quality coaching relationship can and did bring to light was astounding. The tools and techniques brought to bear by both Mike & Maggie were immensely helpful and I continue to leverage my learning in both my professional and personal life."

What People Are Saying...

  • "This course has helped train my eye and my mind to see more emotions in others, and as a result, have more successful interactions with others when they are emotional.  I am more likely to notice things earlier, before escalation, when the potential to make better choices is stronger."

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  • "As a sport's coach, I am really grateful to all the trainers for providing me knowledge and competencies for my work. As a person, it was not just a pleasure, but a rich experience that helped me to know more about human emotions and also about mine. With this course I have been able to create tools that can help my players in a sportive and a personal way."

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  • "Maggie and Mike created a good safe zone for sharing and learning. Some of the content was highly sensitive and personal, but was comfortable and inspiring and informative because of the presenters’ level of expertise, guidance and insights."

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  • "Maggie and Mike were excellent at engaging. It’s material that I’ve been exposed to before, but never in a comprehensive manner. It has increased my awareness of how my emotional state and it’s physical manifestations affect my colleagues."

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